My name is Mary Willie and I am visually driven. There has been a camera in my hand, guiding my life path for the last twenty some years. My photojournalism career took me all over the country, and even parts of the world, documenting all types of people and events. Sure, there were some big awards along the way, (insert Pulitzer Prize here) but the best reward my camera brings me is getting to know new people and making friends while documenting the times of their lives. Today I work as a freelancer, here to help you tell your visual story.

Let's talk and let's make it happen! Tell me what's coming up in your life and what visual ideas and goals you have. I will tailor my photo approach to your individual needs. I am skilled in candid and documentary style, and can deliver great images from events large or small while using the "fly on the wall" approach. On the other end of the spectrum, the artist in me loves to create the scene. I am equally comfortable directing the action for both video and still images when that is best approach to take.

News Events-Portraits-Sports-Engagement-Birth Announcements-Seniors-Families-Political Campaigns



Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015